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We know you have so much going on and have a lot of questions before you decide on your team for Photography and Cinema for your wedding.  We’re gonna do our best to answer some of the more common questions we get here. It seemed less problematic than making a drinking game of it all.

What type of photographer are you?
–I hate boxes but my style lives somewhere between Contemporary and Photo Journalistic – I call it Editorial AWESOMENESS – Which means I like to stay out of the way until its time for the artistic formals; then we pose a little and let you love one another a lot.

Do you do family portraits then?
–Absolutely! We know this is the one time your mom has all of your family in one room, she wants that photo, and I want to help create that for your family.

Do we get our images on disc?
–Yes, we include your wedding digital files with all of our options.

How far in advance do we need to book?
–We recommend booking us 9 months to a year from your date, but it never hurts to see if we are open. Stranger things have happened… like that one time at band camp…


First we’ll have a meeting (phone/skype/or in person). We decide our awesome cannot be avoided and must come together like wonder twins. Then you’ll sign up with a non-refundable retainer to hold your date.

The balance is due at least 30 days before the wedding. We’ll set up the payment plan that works best for you. Cash, checks and plastic are fine. (manual labor can be discussed as well.. I’m kidding – unless you are gonna do it..)


You can view the photographs, order prints, in your gallery at your leisure over the next year, and you may download the high-resolution files for your use directly from your gallery.


I do, but as our primary focus is weddings we have limited availability but we would love to share more with you. You can go to our portrait website for more information and pricing by clicking here.

How long is enough coverage?
–That all depends on the timeline of your day. Most brides and grooms plan on 8-10 hours of coverage

Do you provide less than full day coverage?
–Yes we offer hourly coverage, at $400/hr which includes digital files. If  its a Tuesday or your wedding is I don’t know TOMORROW we can discuss a custom package, either way you might wanna plan on rocking out some awesome photos ’cause that’s what we do around here.

Do we get two photographers in all of your packages?
–We build coverage to suit each wedding, if your day and needs call for it we will be happy to add a 2nd shooter.

How long before we get to see our photos?
–Less than 12 weeks from your wedding day

Why is your final product only 20 minutes long when you will be at my wedding for upteenskabillion hours? Can I have the raw footage?

I know it seems like you would be missing a lot in all of that filming right? We’re usually shooting for a GOOD LONG portion of your day. But in all honesty you aren’t “missing” much. Instead of sending you five to ten hours wedding video to sift through yourself, we take ALL the perfect moments large and small from your wedding, details, and smiles and laughs you may have missed and really create a honest to goodness film narrative of your day. You can always purchase “Documentary Edit” (a longer cut) or all the raw footage we come away with on a separate hard drive. The way we look at this though is like this: Hollywood spends 9-12 months to film a movie like The Best Man or Notting Hill – um love Julia Roberts (18-24 months if its epic like StarWars or Lord of the Rings) and prepare for a 1.5-3 hour feature length film. It is often said that a movie is made when they edit it, and that is truly the case here as well. Imagine ALL that footage they watch and work though to whittle down to create a awesome movie going experience, that’s convenient to watch. (there is nothing worse than a movie that drags on – am I right?) This is exactly why we do what we do! Only we only have 1 day to make the magic happen not two years. And there are never any second takes at a wedding.

How long does it take to get back our wedding film?

Industry standards it seems normal for videographers to take between 10 months to a year to get your video back to you. We appreciate the attention to detail it takes but this is our full time job so we don’t have any thing else to focus on work wise. We’ve also decided to cap our weddings at a specific number so we can work on giving each client the BEST experience we possibly can. So Our goal for wedding films is a delivery date of 3-4 months. Ideally though we deliver with your wedding images when you hire us for both.

Can I be sure that all your crew members have professional etiquette?

We can assure you that we all work professionally, while my crew is regarded for their good time ability everyone is trained to be the most professional good time haver ever… They will smile whenever they interact with you or your guests. 🙂 see… ?!

Do you guys document proposals?

um.. YEAH


Fellas, YOU KNOW we love a good surprise!!! We would love nothing more than to catch her reaction when you pop the question! Talk about the perfect “hidden-camera” b-roll for Engagement video (yes we do those too..) or your love story that you play at the wedding!

Do we get to select our own music?

Welllll…. sort of. We use legally licensed music, so in addition to being limited by the tone and voice of your wedding day, we’re also limited by what we can actually GET a licence for. We’re happy to let you take a look through the catalog of some of our licence companies and work with you directly to find something that speaks to you.  (Yes, we know the R&b sections are lacking… yes we are working on that.)


Besides being AWESOME you mean? Thats not enough? Oh, well ok. FINE. 😉 I’m also sorta sarcastic and punny. So you should read the rest of this with that in mind.

What I want to create for you a way to cherish the most important people in your life.

I believe your relationship with your family, your core loved ones is the most valuable thing you have and that is what I want to show you in your wedding pictures, so I will work hard to find those moments for you.

My work is based in the love and excitement I feel for anyone who wants to start a life with someone special.


Yes, if you are REALLY.REALLY. excited about marrying this special person and spending time with the people you adore and who love you back just as much.  If a beautiful wedding is important but still secondary to having a beautiful experience with your important people. Then yes, a thousand times yes, I want to meet with you. Any space where two people get to tell each other, the people they care about and the world they are teaming up Voltron style is right up my alley.

If, on the other hand, you are hoping to be on bridezilla next season or and expect to be interacting with the camera directly (for reference lets look at wedding pics from 1983) … I can recommend some fantastic friends who specialize in that kind of work. Actually no, no I can’t. I don’t know anyone rocking 83′ wedding photo style anymore…


What is expensive is a totally personal measurement. You get what you pay for. (insert other cliche thing here) If your fiance’s cousin has a cool camera and is wanting to get into photography, I personally don’t think your wedding is the perfect practice location for them to test it out. But that’s me. Seriously though, we aren’t the most expensive studio in St. Louis, and certainly not the cheapest. We are the very best value, and offer the very best products to our clients, and no one works harder to be the best for you than me. Besides, I bet we aren’t as expensive as you think. Or we might be and we’re worth it.


I LOVE cultural celebrations. There is something so amazing about watching people embrace their families traditions and heritage. There is something magical and freeing about the joy that families get to express for the couple.

Multi-day South Asian and destination wedding packages are always available to make sure that no ceremony or event that is part of your wedding gets left out. Sanjeet, mehndi, or turmeric ceremony – Rome, Ireland, Bali, Pureto Rico, world wide, we want to help you remember the entire journey from start to finish.

We do charge a flat fee per day, our standard fee for the longest day and then $2500 for each additional days coverage. Small 3-5 hour ceremonies we will custom build packages for.


If your wedding is close enough for us to drive, I LOVE A ROAD TRIP (its how I fell in love with my husband) I try to keep it pretty simple, we charge a fuel fee for any driving beyond the greater St. Louis Area.

“We want you to come but you can’t drive there Raquita…” SWEEEEEEEET.

A simple two-parter: airfare plus per diem.

If we fly to you we typically book our travel 30-60 days from your wedding at minimum. we customize travel expenses depending on location.

Per Diem (meals, lodging, etc.) is required.  If your guests and wedding party are staying at a particular hotel we will require a room at that location. Every wedding requires at least a three-night stay (the night before through the night after) we like to have the night after in case of emergencies (like should it rain – and day after session is needed) .

This is a 97% guideline. Unique circumstances of your event may alter your fee, we’d love to talk to you about it.

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