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Creative Process

How We Rock Here at Pinxit

Our Process is very couple focused.
Our goal with every wedding and engagement that we shoot is to turn your love and relationships into fun and timeless memories that you can look back on when ever you need to remember how much you love each other.

We want to know about you and the people you love, we ask questions and we talk as much as photography will allow. We hope a wine date is always in our future, before and after the wedding.


Hours Shooting Weddings in 2015


Hours Editing


Albums Designed


trips to Rise Coffee house for a honey Latte

Amazing Weddings

We could not be more excited at the chance to work with you as a Pinxit Bride and Groom and love to welcome you to the family! and we are a family here at Pinxit, we’re happy to help you with anything we can (wedding related or not- Raquita is such a foodie you want her to tell you where to go to dinner… really.)  But it all starts with a email or a phone call to find out if we are open on your date and setting up a time to come visit with us at our awesome studio in Shaw South Saint Louis, where we will talk about your awesome wedding (event, or portrait sessions too). We’ll figure out the best way to create images and video that you will adore on your wedding day. Now our FAVORITE kind of weddings are the ones where we get goosebumps from all the little things that show just how in love with each other you are and how peices of your relationships have made it into your wedding decor!  Once we all agree that Pinxit is THE team for your day, we will come up with the perfect “package” for you!   You will receive a online client portal, a real life welcome packet with newsletters filled with helpful tips and maybe even a small gift, hey we like snail mail.
We have a little get together every late spring/early summer during the Thurman Loop Fest (happens next to the studio every year)   we use the opportunity to have a client appreciation/open house where we open up our studio for all our industry friends, family, friends, clients and our neighborhood. Its always a REALLY good time, Thurman Grill has a great line up of live music and wonderful vendors for you to check out as well! So plan on it!

When it gets closer to your BIG day we will meet with you and do a walk through of your site if we think its necessary, and if you are local. If you are working with one of our Associate Shooters they will gladly be at every meeting after they are assigned to your wedding, including our timeline meeting and any time you want a wine date! (Raquita loves wine dates, and beer dates, and no shes not an alcoholic)  Once we finalize your timeline, make sure we got the formal photo list to make your mom happy, we’ll be ready to rock your wedding day and make sure your memories are captured and magnificent!

And we really do want is required to make your day amazing, Raquita has ironed bridesmaids dresses, will send her assistant on an emergency trip to walgreens, carries a pretty wicked emergency kit in the car too, so seriously shes committed to do whatever we can to make this the best day EVER!!! We always work within the timeline to capture the photos we talked about as well as the stuff that comes to us as we are working with you and while its not our goal to take you away from the party to take more- we will for a stunning night portrait or  if there is an AMAZEBALLS sunset. Can’t miss that right?

Afterwards we will make sure to post a sneak peek as quickly as we can on Facebook and Instagram for you to see and share within a few days. Raquita always has some image stuck in her head she can’t WAIT to post and its gonna happen. Bernie usually rocks out a super small clip for Instagram too. Then have a drink on the beach or enjoy the glow of your new married life while we work diligently editing your photos and/or video to provide you the highest quality final product. Our art takes time so be patient until its time to come back to the studio for your viewing party!