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About Us


Most of our clients invest $2500-3800, for a primary photographer lead team and $1500-2300 for our associate team, and about the same for video.

Click the image above for general pricing details  &  Contact us for customizable packages and details.

Engagement Sessions

Our Engagement sessions are about getting to know you and your partner and turning your love into art work for your to enjoy as you begin your family together. Its the first images of your new family. Thats sorta awesome when you think about it.

Facts and Information (FAQS)

There are a lot questions that we get asked as people who work in weddings every week, we know a lot more about planning and the actual act of getting married. These are a lot of questions people ask their photographers and we’re happy to answer them for you!

click the image above for some answers to commonly asked questions

Facts About Us

We’re the kind a team that likes to have fun. The great part of working together is that we all have the same passion for life, love and having a good time. We approach our job seriously, but expect to help you have a seriously good time. Our focus is on you and your family and your love and making sure your images tell that story for decades to come.


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colors in our hair during the off season

Raquita Henderson / Lead Photographer/Owner

I’m fly jeans and twitter

Social justice and social media

I’m pixie sticks and Bissingers

I’m Chuck Taylors and Red Bottoms

I’m nerf guns and 2d fighter video games

I’m Haagen Das and home made cookies

I’m old school hip hop and 80’s hair/rock bands (Poison anyone?)

I’m graffiti walls and fields of wild flowers.

I’m mohawks and up dos with the pretty little wispy strands

I’m tie died hair and peacoats in the winter

I am a hard person to put in a category. I’ve been a “creative” all my life. And hard to categorize for just as long. Painting, poetry, cooking; anything that makes people happy I love to be involved in. My dad gave me a camera when I was 12 and started me on my own affair with photography that has spanned over 20 years. I shot my first wedding in 1990, and have been on this path ever since.

For me it’s all about story telling and having Whether in a portrait session or a wedding day there is a story unfolding –  and I love to find it, capture it and give it back to you to enjoy and relive over again.

I’m supposed to tell you how much I love caramel macchiatos and romantic comedies, but I figure that can wait until we meet in person. I’ll forgo the traditional “I am passionate about photography” speech mmm’kay?

It would be my biggest honor to join you in your life, with your family and friends, to capture images you will cherish. Please visit the contact page and send me a message if you are interested in booking a shoot!

Bernie Aniciete / Lead Cinematorgrapher

Bernie is a Sith Lord, from the forest moon of Endor but lives here in St. Louis. He’s our head cinematographer and rocks out for us all the time. Retired military and current IL boy he keeps us grounded and laughing.

We love his energy and so will you on wedding day.

Demetrius Hinton / Cinematographer & Jr Photographer

I’m working on Demetrus’ bio. He’s gotta HELP A GIRL OUT. to be fair I didn’t ask him for it til this morning so theres that.